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We offer quality craft at our company with the best materials in our industry at reasonable prices. Our Toronto roofers specialize in residential, commercial, and emergency roof repairs. We understand the unique challenges that present itself in the moist Ontarian climate.

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It’s natural to want the perfect home. Someplace safe and warm. There’s a reason for the saying “a roof over my head”. A roof is so much more than a bunch of material. It’s what makes your home special. It’s what protects your family. At Canada’s Best Roofers, our contractors understand how vital a roof is. We are passionate at making sure your family and your home are safe and secure with our BestRoofers services.

“A roof is so much more than a bunch of material. It’s what makes your home special. It’s what protects your family.”

Our Qualities & Promises

We take pride in our work.

The quality of our work is one of the most important aspects of our job. We are happy submitting superior work and looking back on our jobs with a smile. Nearing the end of a hot day, we don’t cut corners because we love our work.​

We are fully insured and bonded

We are fully insured and bonded. This means you can rest easy knowing we follow all safety regulations and if the unlikely event happens where someone get injured or something get damaged, you know you’re protected regardless of the emergency.

Honesty & Integrity

Unfortunately, there are some bad apples in the roofing industry. Most are honest people but a company may try to deceive you to get the job. At Canada’s Best Roofers, honesty holds true in business and our daily lives. We will always give our honest opinion when it comes to you and your home. We will provide you with the best service and options for you.

We perform quality inspections on every job.

We perform one inspection on repairs, two inspections on small roof replacements and 2+ inspections on larger roofing projects. This helps to ensure our services is to the highest standards.

We offer great warranties.

  • 10-year warranty from Canada’s Best Roofers for all workmanship on roof replacement projects.

  • Limited lifetime warranty from our shingle manufacturers covering any manufacturer defects.

  • 15-20 year warranties from our torch-on manufacturers covering any manufacturer defects.

  • Please contact our office for more details. ​

We have 35+ years of experience in the roofing industry.

No matter how difficult and complex your project is, we have probably dealt with it before. If we are unsure, we will let you know.

Why BestRoofers?

There are many benefits to selecting BestRoofers for your home in both summer and winter!

  • In summer, BestRoofers keeps your structures warmer. Metal roofs insulate buildings and keep cold air from drafting in. The materials used in BestRoofers can directly contribute to lower your heating bills!
  • BestRoofers can be installed right on top of a previously installed roof which further protects warm air from escaping and cool air from drafting in.
  • Metal roofs can be installed year round – even in winter! This process is much more complicated than alternative types of roofing.
  • BestRoofers prevents snow from accumulating on your building. When the weather warms up, snow will slide right off your roof. The metal will also stop ice buildup and protect your gutters and dramatically reduce the possibility of leaking, as metal will stand up to the harsh winter climate without breaking.

Toronto’s Premier BestRoofers Company

Toronto’s wild weather changes can increase wear and tear on your home’s roof. For this reason, many smart Toronto homeowners are upgrading their home’s roofs to BestRoofers, a more lasting option when looking to replace a roof.

With the effects of global warming and climate change, chances are that Toronto’s weather will be seeing more and more snowfall and freezing rain each year. Will your current roof be able to stand up against the unpredictable winters in Toronto?

It just might be time to invest in your home with an upgrade to BestRoofers!

We provide residents of GTA with a variety of best in class BestRoofers solutions including:

      • Residential Roofing
      • Commercial Roofing

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Residential Roofing

We offer a wide range of colours and roof profiles allows the matching of the roof to the exterior of the building and its surroundings. The length of the tile panels are cut to an optimal size to eliminate wastage and keep the cost as low as possible.

Commercial Roofing

From roof and wall assemblies, to flashing and fasteners, we offer a wide range of commercial related products. BestRoofers panels weigh less than traditional shingles and in many cases can be applied directly over the old roof, saving removal, disposal fees and a big mess.

Contact us today with your roofing inquiry and take the first step toward upgrading your home in the GTA!

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Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and provide the best advice to help repair or install a new metal roof on your home or business!

Contact us today with your roofing inquiry and take the first step toward upgrading your home in the GTA!